Sunday, September 22, 2013

Still Figuring Things Out

We've settled into a nice little pattern of "doing school" on a Monday and Tuesday after school and while Seuss is napping.  Typically I also send 1 or 2 things to my mom's house for everyone to ignore and not finish.  We also listen to tons and tons of books on tape.  I do feel like I need to "do" more and have invested in materials to start using the workbox system. I don't think I'll follow it exactly.... I have a half an idea that I'll split it between the kids and just use it as a consecutive way to work through what I have.  Maybe 6 boxes for Smitty and 3 for Dog and 3 for Seuss?  Then I can just load them as they finish them.  It sounds like most people finished all 12 in once day, but I'm starting to have suspicions that we are unschoolers...

(this is not a picture of OUR workboxes, I'll add ours in later.  These come from Heart of the Matter.

Leo is doing Odyssey of the Mind which has me SO TOTALLY STOKED (it's rad, trust me).  The scenario this year, according to their website is:

Primary: The World’s First Art Festival 
Grades K-2
The team's problem is to create and present an original humorous performance about a prehistoric art festival. The festival will include artwork, dance, music, song, and — of course — a team-created audience to experience it all. The team will also create a backdrop that is a replica of a cave painting. 

Right now Daddy has them at Laurel Caverns, taking a cave tour and meeting the rest of the team.  This morning he settled down and watched The Human Spark- thanks to Amazon Prime!  We've gone through all of the SOTW Vol 1 and are almost done with SOTW Vol 2.  I have done almost no supplementary work, despite my best plans, but I think it's ok.  According to our state standards he has to do American History Only.  My "plan" is to finish SOTW Vol2, do lots about prehistoric man (for OM) and then hit up a unit study on American History.  

We've been working through Life of Fred with great success.  I supplement that with random grocery story work sheets and telling time.  After Xmas I think I'll do money.  

Science is nonstop.  I've kind of doing Real Science for Kids Biology, but Smitty's old teacher asked me to come in to his old school and teach a lesson every Friday.  I feel over committed but it should be fun.  

Handwriting is done at the OT.  We discovered Smit has some significant vision issues that are effecting his ability to read and write.  This explains a lot.  I'll cover it on another post I think.  Until then...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 1 - Summer time

Well!  It's Thursday and we've done a whole lot of nothing!  Smitty is OBSESSED with The 39 Clues and so I have not pushed SOTW.  We're almost finished and DAMMIT.  I want to know what happens to Dan and Amy too.  When I woke him up for camp this morning he protested "I was in the middle of a 39 Clues dream!"

We have read two of the supplemental books I have gotten one from the library.  One inspired Smitty to say "You know what I bet?  People were just like 'oh oh my life has no meaning.  So how about we invent a guy that that that that creates the world and we'll call it religion.'" I found that very insightful if slightly misguided.  We'll keep working on it.

We have covered time in two short session. He did pretty well, but at some point during the second session he suddenly forgot how to add and I lost my tempter with him.  Daddy stepped in and reminded me that it was bedtime.

Lord give me strength this school year....

Doggie has done a whole lot of nothing.  I tell you.  That kid has GROWN this summer.  He's picked so many interpersonal skills, he PRETENDS, he's making eye contact.  I am not going to push anything I don't have to push on him.  I'm so proud of him I could burst.

Man Plans...

Knowing myself and how.. unfocused I can be, I have decided to homeschool through the summer to get a jump on the school year.  Summer school looks a like lot a stack of books on CD and some field trips, but thats what works for us.  I have 4 weeks of plans right now.  I can almost promise you that is all we will get to.  My curriculum for this summer include summer review workbooks for Smitty and Doggie but also:

Social Studies - Story of the World.  I have it on CD from the library and am going to try to work on it all year. I have a lot of supplements planned
Math - I am going to assess him with Shiller Math and take it from there.  I am also teaching him to tell time.
Language Arts - McGuffey Reader, Meet the Sight Words
Handwriting - Italics using the vocabulary from the McGuffey Reader
Science - I got a super duper cheap Sonlight Core K online and will use that.

Social Studies - Story of the World as Smitty listens
Math - I'd like him to know the numbers from 1-10 and practice counting accurately.
Language arts - We're working on letter sounds with HWT
Handwriting - We're using Handwriting Without Tears.
Science - He'll be doing our experiments with us

Brightly Beaming from Letter of the Week.

Exploring a new children's museum

The big boys are also in camp for a few days a week.  We've done a few fun things like hiking, a trip to the beach, a new children's museum, etc.  I am working full time and the weather has been crappy.  The kids are having a good summer, but it's not as action packed as it has been in the past.  

This is probably a good thing.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I found this Oldie in my drafts!

Someone on Facebook posted a link to this.  I chuckled and found it pretty accurate over all.  But still somehow lacking.  I decided to make my own.  This is a work in progress...

7:30am My subconscious recognized the sound of an iphone buzzing and sharp movement in the bed next to me.

7:45am Repeat above

7:50am The bathroom door SLAMs and I wince and hope the baby doesn't get up.

8:00am iPhone again.  The presence in the bed next to me leaves.  I roll into the center, hunker down and...

8:00-8:45am Deep blissful sleep

8:45am Spouse says out of nowhere in a normal if slightly louder than usual voice "WANT ME TO GET THE BABY FOR YOU?"  3y/o barges into the room "HI MAMA!"  His clothes are on inside out and backwards.  Possible some of his "clothes" are not actually clothes but really PJs or a Halloween costume, or they belong to the baby.  Or someone else's baby.  He may have constructed them out of fleece blankets and scotch tape.  Either way I don't have to dress him so that's ok.

9:15am I scroll around on my iPhone while the children wrestle and bite each other in the bed.  Flashcards (where did they get flashcards) are everywhere. 

9:30am I get up and wash my face, brush my teeth and pee.  The baby calls 14 people on my cell phone while the 3y/o suspiciously questions me about the bowl of what was once obviously ice cream on my bedside table.  His persistence would glean admiration from the best of FBI or Secret Service agents.
  "What's this chocolcate?  Who ate this?  It wasn't here yesterday?  Was this after I was sleeping? Who ATE THIS ICE CREAM?"

9:45-10:00am Breakfast is made from grapes, sausage, premade and frozen pancakes or waffles.  These pancakes or waffles were lovingly made from only the finest of whole grained flour and natural ingredients including pureed pumpkin grown in our backyard from $49.99 heirloom seeds.  All natural sausage made of only 3 (organic) ingredients is also served.  The baby inhales the fruit and sausage and heaves the uneaten pancake onto the floor, the 3y/o bites the pancake and spits it out, he eats 3 of the grapes and then takes his time chit-chatting with me about how clown fish have a SLIME on "leir" skin that "betects" them from the anemone's POISONOUS spines.  The baby frantically whines and reaches in desperation for the grapes and sausage on the 3y/o's plate.  I feign interest so as not to harm his self esteem or love for learning.  Part of my soul dies. 

10:10am The baby begins to wither away into nothing but skin and bones as the 3y/o continues to not eat his breakfast and instead lecture us all on deep sea life and their adaptations.  I smile and nod.  The whining turns into a full scale WAILING complete with gnashing of teeth as the grapes begin to audibly taunt The Baby.  They grow faces and hands with which to gesture their teasing and taunts.  The waffles and pancakes begin to decompose on their plates and floor.  The Baby begins to self flagellate.  He falls into the 3rd percentile on the growth chart.  

10:15am In a fit of frustration I grab the food from 3y/o's plate and slam it onto the baby's tray.  3y/o looking shocked and insulted begins to cry that he was EATING that.  And I TOOK it.  And now THE BABY is EATING IT.  Gathering my reserve, I say something politically correct like "I'm sorry I shouldn't have taken that without asking you.  It just seemed as though you were not going to eat it and The Baby was very hungry.  Are you still hungry?  Should I make some more?"  He shrugs and wanders off to the playroom.  The Baby eats 4 bites and throws the food on the floor.  More of my soul dies.

10:30 Ignoring the breakfast plates and unwashed children I retreat into The Facebook.  I chuckle at the witty status updates.  I "like" this.  I "like" that.  I read my 8737598735 emails gotten between being upstairs and being downstairs.  The children play harmoniously with sustainable wooden toys purchased with our very own blood, sweat, and tears.  30 seconds go by and it's:

11:00am.  I race upstairs to get socks for the entire family.  I inform the children I will be going outside to start the van and will be back in a moment to prepare them for The Leaving Of The House.  They nod.  I slide on my shoes and head outside.  The Baby decides he can no longer live w.out me.  He sobs.  Crocodile tears roll down his face as he is wrenched from his mother's bosom.  He is alone in the world.  No one loves him.  The 3/yo decides this is the perfect opportunity to seize The Baby's toy.  The Baby realizes he loves that wooden hybrid truck painted with dye extracted from the root of organic bamboo more than he pines for his mother.  He begins to beat the 3 y/o abut the head and shoulders with a sustainable organic mini golf club.  The 3 y/o shields his face and screams "GENTLE GENTLE" and the beating continues. 

11:02am I am back in the house.

11:02-11:07 I spent 4 years restraining 3 y/o in a half nelson in order to get his shoes on.  All the while he happily chatters on about how dolphins bodies are VERY SMOOTH so "LEY" can go REALLY fast in the ocean. Also ley have blow holes, which is a "certain type of mouth used for breathing."  He stops and gravely informs me that NANA says he needs to wear hats and boots more often because it's cold out and why don't I dress him properly for the weather?  The Baby has now gone missing.  He's probably playing with my Mother of the Year Award

11:10am I find the baby drinking witch hazel in the bathroom upstairs.  This is actually a good thing because at some point he had obviously eaten a marker and the witch hazel is removing that from his face very nicely.  Also he's not been dressed.  Whoops.

11:15 CPS shows up to arrest me because they heard I was murdering and torturing my children by dressing them in pants and shirts.  Ok so not really.  But one day they will.  The screaming has nearly left me deaf in the left ear.  I consider this a bonus.

11:20am I realize I still need to put coats and hats on them.  I look at the van slowly causing atmospheric haze at the bottom of the steps.  I look at the piles of mismatched mittens, too small hates, and the collection of 14 million coats.  There seems to be 3 boots.  I am sure I need an even number... Nah I think.  We can run. 

11:22 I race down the stairs carrying a 30 pound child who is desperately trying to get down.  He twists and contorts his body.  The 3 y/o finds something interesting like... a drop of water or a fragment of dust on the porch and he's gone- head in the clouds.  I wrestle the baby into his filthy car seat.  I climb into the van, ducking to fit in, maneuvering around the debris on the floor.  I step on a rotting Shamrock Shake and think really mean things.  I get him properly and safely bucked in.  I start kindly saying things "3y/o?  3y/o, can you please come down here?  Can you come down the steps now?  We really need to leave?"  I quickly progress to ANGRY MAMA "THREE YEAR OLD?  NOW!!"  He looks insulted and replies that he was COMING, Simmer down.  Repeat car seat manipulation.  Only this time I step on a snack wrap which makes my feet fly out from underneath me.  I bite my tongue- HARD.  I see stars.  I climb into my seat, start the car and realize I forgot the lovingly packed lunch in the house.  I race back upstairs, grab the lunch from the fridge, accidentally step on a grape.  Slip onto my rear end, slap my body onto the floor and crack my head on the table.  In a panic I open the lunch box to make sure my loving prepared AND themed lunch still resembles the picturesque country side or whatever I came up with last night.  I fail to notice my nose is bleeding until I return to the car.  I mop up the blood, check my phone..

I realize I've only been awake for a little over 2 hours.  Most of my soul dies.  I put in a book on CD and we listen companionably to Jonny Appleseed. 

11:35am I am only 5 minutes late.  I pull up in front of the preschool- directly in the fire lane.  I dare them to say something.  I unbuckle the baby, nearly dislocating my shoulder in an attempt to reach him w.out having to physically climb into the car.  I get part of the 3y/o seat unbuckled before I am sure my rotator cuff is torn, it's raining and I am soaked.  Water runs down my neck as,  I locate a jacket that MIGHT fit in the kid.  Reaching,  I grab a lunchbox.  I frantically try to lift The Baby with only my left hand when a voice behind me says.  "We're doing curbside today.  Can you get back into your car?"   I take a deep breath, shove The Baby back into his car seat, rebuckle him.  He cries at the indignity.  The teacher take 3y/o by the hand and says "You're welcome."  The baby is now sobbing for his brother and the fish in the art room.  I consider bringing him in anyway and bypass that.  I can't remember if I had a real conversation with the kid who's walking into preschool like he's 15.  I am a terrible mother. 

11:45am I pull into McDonalds and buy a Diet Coke.  It occurs to me that this is the first thing I have had to eat or drink today.  I vow to drink more water.  Eat more oatmeal.  Maybe salad?  The baby is still crying for 'Feesh Feesh."  I should have just brought him into the school. 

12:05 I realize we should probably have lunch.  Didn't we just have breakfast?  Isn't breakfast still technically on the table?  I find something that could pass as food in the fridge and microwave it.  The baby inhales it as he is starving.  He cries for more food and I idly hand him a yogurt and a spoon.  I retreat back to my email.  In it is a list of "household chores" I vowed to keep up with this year.  I chuckle at cleaning the bathrooms and organizing the spice cabinet.  Do people really DO this stuff? 

12:10pm The Baby is whining.  I return to the kitchen feeling guilty for having left him there alone to eat.  No worries, God has punished me with The Mess.  Gagging at the smell of yogurt I realize we have no paper towels.  Struggling off his shirt I manage to use that to get most of the stuff off of his face.  But his clammy little hands are still a mess.  I carry him over to the sink trying not to remember how much that shirt cost....  Using the hose I manage to get his face pretty clean.  He's having a blast and in spite of myself I can't help but laugh too.  Forgetting his hands, I manage to wipe most of it off of him, and onto myself.  I carry him upstairs, tickle his belly, and Thank Jesus in  Heaven for naptime.  In only a onesie, he flips onto his belly, bum in air he sticks his thumb in his mouth and smiles.  He is the picture of a sweet and beautiful baby. I nearly choke on my own tears. 

12:15 I realize I have no other pants to wear besides a pair of grey dress slacks.  Deciding against those I head to the basement in search of jeans.  It's pitch dark down there and slightly damp.  Clean clothing is piled to nearly my height on an old couch.  I dimly make out a bare light bulb on the ceiling.  Pulling the chain the basement "floods" with 3watt glory.  I feel around for denim.  Finding something I pull it towards me.  The pile of clothing dislodges and nearly knocks me to the floor me.  The pants I am holding are LUCKILY!  Mine.  I strip down and change right there.  I should probably go to the gym tomorrow I think.  Also I still need to eat lunch.. and aren't those Fundraiser forms due today?  I wander back upstairs trying to remember where I put them. 

12:30pm I am back in the kitchen.  I spray down the table, wipe it up, wipe down the high chair.  Sort of.  I return to my computer to see what is for dinner.  Ahh Chicken Something or another..  My hands cramp up as I root through the freezer- Arthritis runs in my family. Poke poke, grab a breast.  Run hands under warm water until I can move them again.  Poke.  Poke.  See another.  More water.  Return to freezer.  Grab the breast.  Water.  I consider getting a 3rd but decide my hands can't take it.  I find a large ziplock bag and dump a random concoction of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  I pause and return to my computer to check the recipe.  Back to the kitchen for garlic and some spices.  I cut open the chicken and put it in the marinade.  I wash my hands.  Looking around I notice the rest of the mess.  Suddenly defeated I head back to my desk.

1:10pm Recheck my email.  In a moment fueled by guilt I stupidly tell my boss I would be HAPPY to take her children and my children to CiCi's pizza an hour after I am supposed to be done with work.  I read some more email.  Pay some bills, check out my account at the library.  I consider what "homeschooling" topics we'll cover next week.  I check PA's Preschool Learning Standards, choose something and start researching lesson ideas and books.  I bounce back and forth from paperback swap to the libraries site.  I check my email.  I pull some "American Tall Tales" from a CD onto my iPhone for later.  I update my google calendar.  I enjoy The Facebook.  I "like" your picture. I double check our debt reduction sheet and smile to myself at how awesome we are. 

2:30pm.  Dammit.  I have to pick up Leo.  I noisily head upstairs.  The baby is dead asleep.  I turn on the light in his room and turn off the heater.  I wait.  He's curled up into a teeny tiny ball.  My heart breaks.  I return downstairs in search of something.. juice?  A cookie?  Something to make up for this?  Back upstairs I put my hand on his warm little back.  He stirs and curls into a tighter ball.  I open his curtain and see the 4feet of snow and rain outside.  I call his name and he wakes up.  He sees me and cries.  I pick him up and carry him into my room to change and dress him. He holds his arms to the crib and cries "ni ni!  Ni ni! ni ni Mama!"  Forget it.  My heart is totally broken now.  I force him into clothes and bribe him with a cookie.  With tears on his face I return him to the stinky van, buckle him in and head back off to preschool.  At a red light and I check Facebook and read everyone's comments about how "nice" it is to have their kid in school.  What a break it gives them.  I forgot the fundraiser forms.

3:00pm I watch 3 y/o at school.  The Baby inserts himself into the classroom with the teacher's blessing.  3 y/o proudly introduces him to his classmates as he does EVERY day at school.  I smile to myself and wish this place went up to 8th grade.  Heck.  I wish it went up to 12th... or college level.  I collect the items from the cubby and wrangle both boys, some wet finger paintings, the damn coat they insist I send, and the lunch box up the cramped stairs and into the busy parking lot.  We repeat the car seat shenanigans.  Only this time the 3y/o see The Baby's cookie and he's MAD.  Tuning out the whining I use my cell to call a friend.  I discuss with her the idea of sending The Baby to 2 year old preschool.  She reminds me that only Bad Mother's send their kids to 5 years of preschool, and anyway don't I hate doing pick up and drop off.  Oh right.  I do. 

3-3:30pm I chit chat on the phone to my friend while ridiculously circling the local elementary school.  I navigate my minivan past crossing guards, snow drifts, other minivans, and SUVs, fit wealthy mother's in yoga pants, preschoolers dressed in North Face jackets, other angry parents.  I hang up with my friend and search the dismissed children's faces for "my own."  I finally see them!  They're racing down the street opposite of where I am driving.  Damn those kids!  They are SUPPOSED to be right out front.  I navigate over to the pick up/drop off section thrilled I've not run over a child, yet.  "HEY!  HEY!" I scream. They ignore me and The Boy starts throwing snowballs at other packs of feral children.  The Girl sees me and starts screaming at her brother.  The Baby starts crying for the Girl.  The crossing guard is yelling at me for being in the pick up area.  I ignore her and get out of the car.  She starts yelling at me for getting out of the car.  The Baby cries for me now as I have Left Him. 

3:45 They finally pile into the car.  A Parent Helper attempts to engage me in conversation about how "wonderful the new system is."  The crossing guard is yelling at both of us- I briefly wonder if she used to work for TSA.  I urge the children to get IN the car and buckle up.  They begin to bicker over who should sit where.  I direct my attention to my phone where I have 14 missed calls and 3 text messages from my sister telling me she HAS to talk to me NOW and where am I.  I lust for diet coke.  I realize I still haven't eaten.

3:55pm We arrive At Work.  The Oldest is waiting, hands on hip, wanting to know what TAKES us so long to get home and don't forget she has voice/soccer/guitar/theater/musical/band practice at 4:30.  We should leave at 4:15 so she's not too early or too late you know.  I consider how useless I must have been before her, really.  How did I function?  3y/o starts begging for fruit snacks.  Tired.  I relent.  The baby is missing!  Panicked I find him writing on the flat screen tv wtih a marker.  The Boy tells me his dad said that he should tell me not to let The Baby do that.  I smile thinly and remind him to keep his markers out of The Baby's reach.  I notice the tv is on and inquire if The Boy and The Girl have homework.  Looking shocked!  They admit they DO have some.  Oh what?  I want them to do it NOW?  Today?  What?

4:00 I remind everyone we have to take The Oldest to guitar/band/soccer lessons in 15.  I wait until I have a verbal confirmation that they ALL heard me.  Oldest reminds me that if we leave TOO EARLY she'll have to WAIT and that is UNACCEPTABLE.  I fish pennies out of the babies mouth and nod my assent.  I pull poptarts of his grasp.  I remove him from the cleaning supplies cabinet and look for someway to childproof it.  I ask The Girl for a hair band and use it loop around the handles, just like I did yesterday, and the day before and the day before.  I appraise the state of the kitchen and wonder who was in this cabinet, and exactly what did they clean.  "My dad doesn't like when you do that" the girl tells.  Me I smile and nod.  And eat a granola bar.  Then I eat another one.  Then I cut up apple slices for everyone.  The 3y/0 wants yogurt.  I say no and he cries. 

4:12 I remind everyone we are leaving NOW.  The Oldest disappears upstairs to get her guitar/basketball/clothes.  The Boy looks up from  his Not Homework Like I Asked and says "what?  WHERE are we going?  We're leaving?"  He is truly shocked.  The 3y/o bursts into tears because he wants to PLAY.  I can't find the baby at all. 

4:17 We're all in the car AND buckled.  This is amazing!  I can't believe how speedy we are!  We arrive outside of voice/musical/dance lessons and we're TOO early.  "There's no where to stand."  She tells me.  I agree to drive around the block.

4:32pm.  "Oh great.   Now I'm late."

4:32-5:00 We drive around in circles.  I remember library books and  used this time to drop them off.

5:01:12 At a red light in front of dance/baseball lessons. Text from Oldest "um.  Where are you?  I'm done now?"  I look up from the text and see her standing on the road 100 yards in front of the red light.  I figured I won't bother to text her back.  She's right there.

5:01:34 She calls me demanding to know where I am.

5:02 Temporarily losing it I yell at her "OLDEST!  I am RIGHT here.  I will ALWAYS pick you up.  You need to relax?"  She goes into a long drawn out lecture in her defense that I ignore.  3y/o starts  yelling at us for "argumenting."  I apologize and buy a diet coke.  This stuff is GOOD.

I'm baaaack!

A LOT has happened since my last post.  The biggest thing being this:

His name is Seuss and he joined our family in the winter of 2012.  He's been a great addition!  The big boys love him and he returns the sentiment ten-fold.

Our other biggest change has been Doggie's diagnoses of ASD in the fall of 2011.  It hasn't really changed how our daily lives look, but the addition of more therapy and knowing how we have to change future plans has made an impact.  I have also entered in an MEd program as a direct result of this- I have always been at loose ends with what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I have Dogstar to thank for showing me just what that was.  I started working towards a masters in Early Intervention and should finish in about a year and a half.  My schooling has put a lot of our life on hold, mainly moving.  We have pushed back the date to list our house until after my graduation.  Because of this we are OFFICIALLY unofficially homeschooling Smitty (first grade) while Doggie stays at his beloved preschool for a year of Pre-k. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Workin Hard? Or Hardly Working?

Well!  We have been busy.  Too busy to be specific.  Doggy is learning the letters of the alphabet, Smitty is LOVING Montessori.  We're gearing up for the holidays and have tons of fun planned.

Color Mixing in the Shower!

Halloween and all that comes with it!

Art projects, printables, and learning the letters

Smitty works on math, Doggy on the letter T

Cloud Dough:  kind of a bust

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A is for Apple!

We started on Letter A.  Doggy sat very nicely at the table and did the multitude of printables I had for him.  Most of them were, of course from 1+1+1=1.  I have to say I was impressed with his self regulation. Here are a few of the things he did.

This Do-a-Dot activity was his FAVORITE!

Smitty, meanwhile worked on a sticker mosaic and some mazes.

Then over the weekend we picked APPLES!
This week I have a few random activities for Dog, some sight word games for Smitty, and an apple pie in the works!

"Back" to school!

Smitty is attending school this year.  He is going 5 afternoons a week to a local Montessori.  It has been bittersweet for me... I miss him and I wish he was staying with me.  But I also acknowledge that this is a great opportunity for him.  I also miss teaching him at home.  I don't want to overwhelm him with work at home in addition to the wonderful activities he has at Montessori- and I also don't want to overwhelm myself.  I really don't want to overwhelm my printer, my paper supply, ink, and the dining room with STUFF.  The biggest relief has been the Putting Away of Stuff.

I started school this fall, DOGGY started school this fall.  We are having a new baby in the winter.  There is just a lot on my plate and I needed to outsource this one thing.  I will reassess over the summer and will most likely keep him with me for first grade.

I am, however looking for small paper and art type activities for Smitty to do at home while I work with Doggy on his letters.  I am still not sure if The Dog knows his letters or is just kind of being a jerk about it.  Meanwhile, Dogstar LOVES school.  Loves it.  There are 4 children in his class and two of them are named August.  WTH!

We are also moving our playroom up to the attic and I hope hope hope I can have space to set up a school "area" of sort.  Hope.  Please Jesus yes!  That would be so wonderful.  I have a million billion things I am Pinterested in, but sadly the reality is that we have -43 dollars and very little workable space and storage.

A girl can dream....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goals and Planning

We still have no idea what we're going to do with Smitty next year.  Will he go to school?  Will he go to the Montessori?  Will he stay with  me?  Because of this it's difficult to say what my goals for him will be.  So from now until Sept here is what I would like:

I'd like him reading. Solidly.
Recognize number from 10+

Recognize Letters.
Recognize Numbers 1-10.

Pond Life

We are doing a mini unit on pond life right now.  Mostly that means we've been reading LOTS of books and visiting any small body of water we can find.

The BIG oh so SUPER EXCITING thing was our newest sensory bin.  It was all stuff I got from the Dollar Tree and/or had laying around the house.

The boys helped me figure out which animals belonged in a pond and which didn't.